Archaeology, Landscape, Indigenous Cultural Heritage

ALICH - Archaeology, Landscape, Indigenous Cultural Heritage, these reflect the disciplines which the team within the - ALICH Group are experienced in.

Currently commercial developments and infrastructure projects across Australia that, disturb soil require a degree of investigation of and response to aspects of cultural and/or historical heritage. A response may be as succinct as a due diligence statement or as detailed as a Cultural Heritage Management Plan or Environmental Impact statement. The team at the ALCH Group is experienced in responding to requirements of State and Federal legislation. Contact us now and we can consider what your obligations are as you embark on your commercial venture.

The ALICH group works with stakeholders to ensure field surveys are conducted with respect for Indigenous groups, project proponents and the broader community. Developing statements of significance (assigned to sites and places) requires the team at the ALICH Group to be ever mindful of the differing perspectives that stakeholders have towards cultural heritage.

The ALICH Group is an Australian company with its head office in Melbourne, that works Australia wide. The Group specializes in Indigenous Cultural Heritage engaging closely with proponents, developers, indigenous communities and stakeholders for each project.